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Photo of Mandy Hedges

Mandy Hedges

Bury St Edmunds

Photo of Alison Markantonis

Alison Markantonis

West Malling

No one should live in fear of abuse. I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space where you can begin to explore what is going on, what has happened and how you feel about it. Importantly it is a space to be heard and believed.

It is important to acknowledge that domestic abuse can affect individuals from any social, geographic or cultural group, and victims of domestic abuse can be of any age, class, race or religion, male or female.…

Photo of Sharon Temple

Sharon Temple


Hi, im Sharon.

Deciding to talk to someone takes a lot of courage, and I recognise how important a decision this is for you. I offer a confidential space in which you can talk, and this means that I won’t discuss the content of our work with anyone.

For any counselling to be effective, clients need to be able to build a trusting relationship with their therapist.…

Photo of Sarah Greaves

Sarah Greaves



Level 4 Person Centred Counselling diploma

5 years working for Rethink with individuals with mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, social isolation

2 years Samaritans counsellor

2 years counselling for Calderdale Womens Centre

6 years teaching ante-natal classes and supporting women ante and post-natally for the National Childbirth Trust

3 years counselling for Open Door Youth Counselling Agency

2 years working with women experiencing domestic violence for Women’s Aid

14 years experience of teaching health and social care and counselling in a Further Education College.

Photo of Michaela Rolls

I am a Qualified, insured person centered counsellor based within easy reach of Telford, Shrewsbury, Wellington areas of Shropshire.  I have a private counselling room located in a discrete, quiet countryside location.  I provide sessions face to face or online. I am currently working online or by telephone during the corona virus.

Coming for counselling is a big step in moving forward with your life in a positive way. …

Photo of Mel Wilson

Mel Wilson


Hi thanks for taking the time to look at my entry. I’m a psychotherapist, Evolutionary psychologist and mediator, I see adults, children. couples and families. I combine a knowledge from the behavioural drivers in our evolutionary make up with looking at the individual client to help them to explore and find a solution to their own individual situation. …

Photo of Kieran Mountney

Kieran Mountney

Camborne and across Cornwall

I’m Kieran and I work with men that want to feel better, happier and have confidence in where their life is going.  I don’t pass judgement on what you have done (or what you haven’t done) and I work with you to get to where you want to be in life.

As men, it can be really hard to open up about “personal problems”, especially when we’re constantly told to “man up” and “get on with it”.…

Photo of Simon Batty

Simon Batty


Hello, my name is Simon

Everyone needs support from time to time.  What some might consider day to day issues gradually or suddenly feel like much more.

Not quite feeling right but not sure why.  Life feeling harder than it normally does.  Maybe something significant or traumatic has happened in your life and you can’t quite come to terms with it, or work out how you can learn to cope with it.…

Photo of Gerry Hall

Gerry Hall


I am a BACP accredited counsellor and have been qualified for over 10 years. I have worked in various settlings including the NHS, IAPT service, charities and also private practice. My model is the person centred approach and I also trained in EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) which is a very effective way of working with trauma.…

Photo of Matthew Hart

Matthew Hart

Exeter and Crediton

I am committed to working with people who want to bring more awareness to their lives or who want to make a change to their lives. I see us as beings of consciousness who are experiencing themselves in bodies and trying to make sense of the whole thing.

I also see us as beings who are deeply interconnected, with way more similarities than actual differences, even though we tend to see ourselves as separate and become preoccupied with differences to the point of excluding others and isolating ourselves.…

Photo of Rita Edah MBACP

Do you need to recover from the impact of domestic abuse and/or false accusation?

Do you suffer with anxiety, depression, guilt or shame?

Do you feel isolated because of a breakdown in family relationships, separation or divorce, betrayal by friends or estrangement from community?

Perhaps the abuse/false accusation you’ve suffered has left you feeling lost, stuck, confused, distressed and ashamed?…

Photo of Siobhan Toner

Please note – due to the current pandemic I am only seeing clients online.


I am a person centred counsellor working online and Face-to-Face near London Bridge and Catford SE6.

I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the core conditions which are at the heart of the person centred approach, empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard.…

Photo of Clare Whitworth

Clare Whitworth

Hebden Bridge

I am an integrative and relational psychotherapist, using different schools of thought to help you the client in the best way I can.

I have experience of working with anxiety, depression and stress, and also areas such as family relationships, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. I am a kink-friendly/kink aware therapist, and have experience in areas such as sexual identity and behaviours.…

Photo of Sally Davies

Sally Davies


Hi. Do you feel stuck, anxious or depressed? Is life very challenging right now? I offer a warm, welcoming and safe space to look at what is going on in your life. I am calm and compassionate and help clients to look at long-standing behaviour that may no longer be helpful, your upbringing or past traumatic events.…

Photo of Jayne Hayers

Jayne Hayers

Greater Manchester

People can go through difficult times in their life which can give a feeling of anxiety, depression, being overwhelmed, feeling sad or low mood. These feelings can be due to many different reasons and we can feel that no-one fully understands us; family and friends can be helpful but they can sometimes be too emotionally involved to help us gain a clear view of what is troubling us.…

Photo of Gail Martin

Gail Martin


I am a fully qualified integrative counsellor and hypnotherapist who is registered with the BACP.

I offer my services to those who need to access mental health support.

I have worked with a variety of clients, who all have their own individual needs. I have worked for a police force for over 10 years, so I have an understanding of the impact of mental health on both victims and offenders of crime.…

Photo of Karen Hedges

I am a qualified counsellor in private practice working from quiet, private, dedicated counselling rooms in central Exeter, and Newton Abbot.

I have a particular interest in helping people who find it difficult to be heard.  One such issue is that of domestic abuse or violence, when victims are men.  Another is men who have been wrongly accused of sexual abuse. …

Photo of Laura Smith

Laura Smith


Welcome to LifeLine Counselling.

LifeLine Counselling provides face to face long and short term Person Centred Counselling to individuals, couples, students and EAP referrals.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

Taking the first step towards counselling can be a difficult decision…..if you are struggling…come and talk.

I will welcome you with warmth, without judgement in a safe setting, where I will work and listen with respectful compassion.…

Photo of Catherine Drewer

Counselling is my passion,  if you are spiritual you could think of it as my calling, a chance to be part of something that is truly life-changing for my clients; it allows me to watch them discover their worth when they were convinced they had none and then see them living a more fulfilling life.

If you have been abused or falsely accused of a heinous act then it is likely your sense of worth is at an all time low coupled with which are the stigmas and cultural values that you carry around because you are a man. …

Photo of Diane Faulkner

Diane Faulkner


Hello, my name is Diane and I warmly welcome you to the MENCASA Directory, a directory which is dedicated to working together with men who have or are experiencing domestic abuse and other issues. It may well have taken you courage to take that first step to seek what help is available for you, so well done you.…

Photo of Sarah Dean

Sarah Dean


Hello and I extend a warm welcome to you.
Sometimes, life can be really tough.
Together we can discuss any concerns or what may be troubling you.

How I work

I’m an Integrative Counsellor for Adults and Young People (11+) living in North Oxfordshire who works collaboratively with you to create a safe and warm environment on an open ended and regular basis.…

Photo of Louise Bentley

Louise Bentley


Hello, thank you looking at my page. I am an experienced, qualified counsellor with a background of working with domestic abuse. Seeking help to enable you to feel and live a better life is a big step to take and I admire you for doing just that. I offer counselling in a safe, confidential space where you will receive respect and compassion throughout our time together.…

Photo of John Goss

John Goss

Milton Keynes

Counselling based in Milton Keynes (Bletchley).

I have a strong background in working with Gay, Bisexual and MSM Men. I also work on issues around Gender, those who might be transitioning or questioning their gender.

Domestic Violence/Assualt can affect anyone, and I believe that support for anyone affected by this is really important.

I offer confidential, non judgemental support in Milton Keynes (West Bletchley), usually on a Tuesday and Thursday evening.…

Photo of Pauline Hutty

Pauline Hutty


Domestic Abuse is about exercising control over another person, whether it is sexual, emotional or physical. It can have a severe and detrimental impact on your safety, health and emotional well -being. It can lead to feelings of shame, embarrassment, low self-esteem, confusion, anxiety and beliefs such as “It’s all my fault”, leaving you feeling powerless to change your situation.…

Photo of Lois Forman

Lois Forman


My name is Lois, and I am a counsellor in Peterborough who believes in gender inclusivity. I understand that anyone can become a victim of domestic abuse, domestic violence and/or false accusations, and I recognise the damage that victims can be left with. Since I have been practising as a counsellor, approximately half of my clients have identified as male.…

Photo of Theresa Brooks

Theresa Brooks


I’m Tess, I’m an integrative therapist living and working in Colchester.

I started training in 2010 and hold

Certificate in counselling skills
Access to Counselling Diploma
BSc Counselling (Hons)
I am currently studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity Therapy with Pink Therapy.

I am kink, consensual non-monogamy and queer knowledgeable.

I am fully insured and a registered member of the BACP as such I am bound by their code of ethics.…

Photo of Martin Rigby

Martin Rigby


Hi thanks for looking at my page. My name is Martin Rigby.
I am a qualified person-centred counsellor who is registered with the BACP.
I have been qualified since 2005 and I have counselled in a wide range
of settings including charities, schools, a children’s centre and
youth services. I am now self-employed and have been in private
practice for four years.
I am currently training to become a mindfulness teacher.
I provide face-to-face, online and telephone counselling and I aim to
make my counselling services accessible, affordable and available to
all. I offer concessions for students, senior citizens, people with
disabilities and people who are unwaged or on a low income.

Photo of Patricia Stead

As a counsellor I strive to provide a non-judgmental, understanding and honest relationship in a safe environment. I have being in private practice for five years and have counselled males with a diverse range of issues. I work extensively with clients on a wide range of issues:

Self esteem & self confidence, Stress and Anger Management, Addictions, Abuse, Health issues, PTSD, Relationship issues, Anxiety, Depression, Self harm, Work related issues, Bullying, Loss and Bereavement

I tailor the sessions to suit the client as counselling very subjective and each individual responds to different types of counselling.…

Photo of Lue Glover Wilson

I am a Senior Accredited member of the NCS (National Counselling Society) and my name is on the PSA Register via the NCS.

I work under the Humanistic umbrella and am increasingly using elements of Mindfulness in my practice. I work in mid Devon, and work with historical trauma resulting in anxiety and depression. I trained in the area of Bereavement and strongly believe in attachment theory and basic human needs being met, and my work is aimed at the individual uncovering their own potential for recovery.…

Photo of Natalie Kerr

Natalie Kerr


Some people come to counselling for specific issues, others because they just don’t feel right. Perhaps you are having difficulty talking to friends and family, whatever the reason I am here’s to help.

The statistics on male domestic violence speak for themselves. 1 in 6 men are affected, 40% of all reported cases are male and 1 man every fortnight will be fatally wounded.…

Photo of Adam Kendall

Adam Kendall


Adam Kendall – Male counsellor working in private practice.

Being a man in the world today can be difficult. With so many pressures from our culture and society telling us how we should be, how we should act and what we should feel. Often we get the message that to ask for help or show emotion is weakness.…

Photo of Lynn Wulcko

Lynn Wulcko


I work in private practice but previously I have worked at DHI, Bath, Weston College, WSM and for The Southside Project in Bath.  Southside’s work is predominantly working with domestic violence so I gained experience working with victims and perpetrators.

I have done further courses to work with children, short term counselling, child protection training, working with couples, understanding addition, understanding domestic violence and abuse, CBT for anxiety, working systemically with families and young people, understanding child and adult bullying, working with transgender clients and some very specific trainings for specific disorders.

Photo of The Listening Post C.I.C

Hello and welcome to The Listening Post, We are a not for profit counselling agency based in Basildon Essex.

We believe everybody is unique and individual, as such a one size fits all approach does not work. we work from an integrative approach, tailored to work with your needs.
This enables you to gain the most out of counselling and achieve what you want to achieve.…

Photo of Paul Bowley

Paul Bowley


My Name is Paul Bowley

I am an accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist with the BACP.

I qualified in 2006 and have been working in various locations since then in Private Practice, for a school, and for Youth Agencies and a City Financial institution as an in-house Staff Psychotherapist.

I have experience of Adult social care, Hospitality industry , Mental Health services.…

Photo of Alan Morris

Alan Morris


My name is Alan and I have been a qualified counsellor since 2012 registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Pyschotherapists (BACP)

I have  considerable experience where I have counselled individuals and couples.

My take on domestic violence is that it can happen to anyone regardless of sex, gender identification, sexuality and race.  Domestic violence is awful and should not happen to anyone and can be a traumatic experience.…

Photo of Marian Randall

 Hello .

I am a senior accredited counsellor working in private practice and agencies. I have been a therapist for nearly 30 years and have specialised in short term and post-trauma work. I come from a person centered background but would describe myself as integrative.  I am also open to more long term work with private clients who are willing to work at a deeper level e.g.…

Photo of David Hughes

David Hughes


I’m an experienced and accredited Counsellor in Spinningfields Manchester I work with clients covering various mental health and life issues. Ive been qualified since 2010 and have gained some practical experience volunteering as a counsellor with some well-known national and local charities based in within the Manchester area.

A few years later I completed a Mindfulness Diploma using influences of CBT and have introduced these learnings into my practice.…

Photo of Suzanne Chalmers

I am a qualified counsellor having started my training in 1995 and then having a break found that the passion I had to help people never diminished so I restarted my training back in 2013 and qualified in Edinburgh, where I am currently based.

My training is underpinned by Person Centred and work with people in a way that is guided by them.…

Photo of Emma Thornton

Emma Thornton


I have worked as a Counsellor for 8 years ,

I went into Counselling so I could support people through difficult times  life has a way of stopping us in our tracks and sometimes we  need a new way of managing what life throws at us . Counselling can help.

I work with you at your pace it is a relationship that is 50-50

Counselling is  about  working together to find a way through .…

Photo of Sheila Crabb

I qualified in 2010 with a CPCAB L4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, I am also a trained Freedom Programme Facilitator.

Photo of Larraine Cox

Larraine Cox


I have been a counsellor in private practice for over twelve years and worked for Relate for over six years and gained a huge bank of experience working as a relationship counsellor. During this time I have worked with many couples for whom domestic abuse is, or has been, a big part of their issues and I know men and woman can and are perpetrators of this abuse.…

Photo of Peter Smith

Peter Smith



I am Peter, a BACP registered counsellor with an established private practice in Glastonbury where I see clients from my home. I also do telephone counselling and I’m currently training in online counselling which I will soon be offering to clients as well.

I have a special interest in working for MenCASA having suffered from domestic abuse myself in a relationship many years ago and experienced how the negative stereotypes can make it so much harder for male survivors to get sympathy or support.…

Photo of Julia Dando

Julia Dando


When you’ve been on the receiving end of domestic abuse or a false accusation everything changes.  Your perception of your self and everything and everyone around you can become something quite unrecognisable.  Anger, betrayal, humiliation, shame, loss, confusion, anxiety, and depression are all not uncommon responses to what has been happening.  There is someone who will listen, will hear you, will believe you.…

Photo of Dare Mason

Domestic abuse, in addition to being a distressing and traumatic experience, brings so many issues and questions. You may be feeling angry, ashamed, unheard, confused or a combination of these. In addition, as a man, it is harder to ask for help because we are conditioned to be the strong ones, to hide our feelings and ‘stand on our own two feet’.…

Photo of Khurshid Ali

Khurshid Ali


Being accused of domestic abuse, especially if it is a false allegation changes your life forever, and I understand the impact of that as well as being a victim of domestic abuse yourself.

Taking the courage to speak up needs to be respected, and I give you that as well as non judgemental support.

I promise to not just listen but to hear you. I also promise to walk alongside you.

Photo of Lisa Guilfoyle

Lisa Guilfoyle


I am a registered member of the BACP,  which means you can be assured that I work to an ethical framework. I work with you at your own pace and offer a non-judgmental, supportive and confidential space for you to explore what is going on for you.

I have an understanding of the criminal justice system and the implications on a person that gets accused of a domestic related offence.…