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Adam Kendall

AK Counselling
Hillpark ave Hoghton Preston Preston, Lancashire Pr50as Work Phone: 07305097111 Work Phone: 07305097111 Website: Counselling website


Adam Kendall – Male counsellor working in private practice.

Being a man in the world today can be difficult. With so many pressures from our culture and society telling us how we should be, how we should act and what we should feel. Often we get the message that to ask for help or show emotion is weakness. This simply is not true. It can even be a huge barrier to therapy and feeling better.  Through the counselling relationship we can begin to break down some of these issues and find a way that you can express yourself and be the real you.  If you are going through pain as a result of domestic violence or false accusations it can be really helpful to have an outlet, somewhere that you are free to speak about what has happened to you and what is happening inside, without fear of being judged, questioned or facing someone who doesn’t know how to be with this difficult feelings or emotions.

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Hillpark ave Hoghton Preston Pr50as United Kingdom

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