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Alan Morris
4 New Villas Dudleston Heath Ellesmere Ellesmere, Shropshire sy12 9jy Work Phone: 0795 6588204


My name is Alan and I have been a qualified counsellor since 2012 registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Pyschotherapists (BACP)

I have  considerable experience where I have counselled individuals and couples.

My take on domestic violence is that it can happen to anyone regardless of sex, gender identification, sexuality and race.  Domestic violence is awful and should not happen to anyone and can be a traumatic experience.

I believe domestic violence is grossly unreported for men. How many of us guys really want to admit we are a victim whether it be by a female or male partner and society recognises rightly that women historically suffers at the hands of men (and women) and there are a number of very good groups that assists female victims, however there is very little for male victims. In a 2010 report parity a mens campaigning group estimated 40% of domestic abuse victims are male.

So if you are a male victim of domestic abuse you are not alone.

Domestic violence is not just physical or sexual abuse. It can also be emotional where the abuser belittles the victim, such as ‘I am the only one who loves you’ or  ‘no one else will be interested in you’ or financial exploitation as well as neglect if the victim is particularly vulnerable.

Male victims also have difficult choices to make. Its not a case of just being able to walk away, there are financial considerations worries about leaving children behind and not being able to see them or facing tough access battles.

I like to think I am a non-judgemental listener and can help my clients order their thoughts. In  partnership with my clients I also provide healthy coping mechanisms for the future an example is assertiveness which I strongly believe in. We can also look at solutions for the future.

I am based in North Shropshire so anyone in that area can see me face to face but I can also offer telephone or video services for those further afield.


I charge £40 for a 50 minute session for individuals or £45 for couples who may want to look at their relationship.

For telephone/video payable in advance Im afraid using BACS as I have been burnt before but if you are not satisfied I will refund the first session payment.

Face to face I am happy for payment at the end of the session.

Im sorry but I am unable to offer low cost counselling although I recognise part of the problem is financial.



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4 New Villas Dudleston Heath Ellesmere Shropshire sy12 9jy United Kingdom

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