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30 Churchill Square (Suite 10) Kings Hill West Malling, Kent ME19 4YULombard Business & Wellbeing Centre 202a, 12-17 Upper Bridge St Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NF


No one should live in fear of abuse. I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space where you can begin to explore what is going on, what has happened and how you feel about it. Importantly it is a space to be heard and believed.

It is important to acknowledge that domestic abuse can affect individuals from any social, geographic or cultural group, and victims of domestic abuse can be of any age, class, race or religion, male or female.

l won’t tell you what to do, but rather the problems you bring are something we work on together. We explore the issues and experiences that are important to you and looking at the changes you would like to make.
I will not ask you to ‘explain’ yourself or ‘justify’ your worries or concerns about the relationship. It is a place where you can explore all the feelings you have about the relationship and, indeed, anything else from your life that comes up and feels relevant.

Just talking to me about the situation and what is happening, and being heard and believed, can be an enormous relief.

Domestic abuse can be inflicted in the following ways:

Physicallyhitting, beating, punching, burning, choking etc.
Sexuallymaking someone have sex or perform sexual acts that they do not wish to.
Psychologically /Emotionallybelittling, name calling, dismissing, eroding confidence, swearing and verbally abusing the individual or using emotional blackmail to manipulate.
Financiallyeither by restricting access to joint funds, causing financial hardship or stealing from you.
Social Isolationrestricting access to friends or family or causing friends and family to lose contact over time or immediately. Controlling behaviour such as monitoring social network accounts and mobile phone or internet access.

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30 Churchill Square (Suite 10) West Malling Kent ME19 4YU

Lombard Business & Wellbeing Centre 202a, 12-17 Upper Bridge St Canterbury CT1 2NF

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