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Peterborough, PE6 9RJ Work Phone: 07474082187 Website: BACP Website: Counselling Directory


My name is Lois, and I am a counsellor in Peterborough who believes in gender inclusivity. I understand that anyone can become a victim of domestic abuse, domestic violence and/or false accusations, and I recognise the damage that victims can be left with. Since I have been practising as a counsellor, approximately half of my clients have identified as male. These experiences have provided me with an insight into some of the battles and injustices that many of them have faced. My work has also really helped to deepen my understanding what ‘gender bias’ means in society today. 

Some of the emotions expressed in the counselling room have been shame, fear, embarrassment, guilt, anger, despair, sadness, anxiety, depression, loneliness, numbness… the list goes on. I have also worked with clients who are struggling with suicidal thoughts. Thinking about suicide is actually relatively normal, and I believe that talking about these thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential space with a person who will accept rather than judge you, can be incredibly relieving and helpful. 

I know that booking a first session is daunting, but you’ve read my profile so you’ve already taken the first step. All counsellors attend counselling when in training, so I have been there myself, and remember the anxious feelings well. I therefore hope to be able to put you at ease as soon as we make contact. So, if you’re ready to get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you. To book, you can either call, text or an email, whatever you feel most comfortable with. 

Tel no – 07474082187

Email – loisformancounselling@gmail.com


Style of Counselling

I am qualified as an integrative counsellor. This means that the course I studied integrated two theories together. These theories are called Person Centred and Object Relations.

Person Centred

Person or client-centred therapy is based on the view that everyone has the capacity and desire for personal growth and change, given the right conditions. Rather than being seen as the expert and directing the therapy, the counsellor offers acceptance, empathy and honesty to the client, which gradually leads to self acceptance, and positive change.

Object Relations

Object Relations is a theory of relationships between people, in particular within a family and especially between the primary caregiver and their child. The basic premise is that everyone has an internal need to form relationships. If relationships are not formed securely at a young age, this can lead to relationship issues in later life.


The basis that integrates these two theories, is that relationships form us as we develop from a baby.


A 50 minute session is £40. 


Peterborough, UK. 

Telephone/ Online Counselling 

Although I offer these services, telephone/ online counselling is much more effective once a relationship has been established and developed through face to face sessions. However, I am happy to discuss individual needs on a ‘client-by-client’ basis.

Home Visits 

This is a possibility, however it would need to be talked through fully before-hand. Again, I am happy to discuss individual needs on a ‘client-by-client’ basis.

Training and Qualifications

  • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
  • Certificate in Counselling
  • Introduction to Counselling skills

CPD Courses

  • PTSD Counselling Course
  • How to do counselling online: a coronavirus primer 
  • When Suicidal Thoughts Persist: Treating Chronic Ideation
  • Dealing with Disress’, Working with Suicide and Self Harm
  • Autism Awareness
  • Attachment, Trauma and Resilience in Practice 
  • First Aid 
  • Safeguarding 
  • Working with Sex and Love Addiction 
  • Developing Skills when working with Anger 
  • Developing Skills when working with Erotic Transference
  • Ongoing Telephone Support 
  • A Child’s Grief
  • Death of a Child at any Age 
  • Compassion for Voices 
  • Adult Mental Health First Aid Two Day Course 
  • Use of Masks and Creative Mediums in Therapy 
  • Supporting Bereaved Children and Young People
  • Sudden and Traumatic Death 
  • Bereavement Support Foundation Course 
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course 
  • Sensory Processing – Theory and Practice

Employment Experience

  • Student Welfare and Engagement (Young Carers and LGBTQ+)- Further Education
  • Teacher/ Staff Welfare – Primary Schools
  • Student Mentor – Secondary School

Volunteering Experience

  • Bereavement Volunteer (1:1 Bereavement Counselling) – Cruse Bereavement Care
  • Trainee Counsellor – GP Surgery
  • Homeless Support Volunteer (Cooking and delivering soup) – Peterborough Soup Kitchen

Finding the right Counsellor for you 

I believe that getting the right counsellor is vital, so if we’ve had a session or two and you decide that I’m not right for you, feel free to ask me to signpost you to someone who might be a ‘better fit’ for you at this time in your life.

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