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Matthew Hart Counselling
The Haven 11 Gandy st Exeter, Devon EX4 3LSNear the Railway station Crediton, EX17 3DD Work Phone: 07376 426039 Website:


I am committed to working with people who want to bring more awareness to their lives or who want to make a change to their lives. I see us as beings of consciousness who are experiencing themselves in bodies and trying to make sense of the whole thing.

I also see us as beings who are deeply interconnected, with way more similarities than actual differences, even though we tend to see ourselves as separate and become preoccupied with differences to the point of excluding others and isolating ourselves.

I bring my life experience of a number of intimate relationships, some short term some fairly long, which though they have ended, I dont see as failures but as the biggest steps on my particular journey. Being in relationships brings up difficulties in ourselves and therefore are opportunities to learn about ourselves and grow.

My main modality is called Gestalt, although I draw on a number of approaches. Gestalt, the way I see it, is all about energy: where it is flowing in a direction that we dont want it to (eg angry outbursts) and where it is stuck (eg feeling low and depressed). I work as much as possible in the here and now with what you are experiencing as we talk about things – even though the things may be in the past. This way we get to see what is still alive from the past and how it may be affecting your energy flow in your life right now.

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The Haven 11 Gandy st Exeter EX4 3LS uk

Near the Railway station Crediton EX17 3DD UK

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