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The Abbey Mead Health Centre Plymouth Road Tavistock , Devon PL19 8AU Work Phone: 01822481804 Work Phone: 01822481804 mobile: 07877800527


Domestic Abuse is about exercising control over another person, whether it is sexual, emotional or physical. It can have a severe and detrimental impact on your safety, health and emotional well -being. It can lead to feelings of shame, embarrassment, low self-esteem, confusion, anxiety and beliefs such as “It’s all my fault”, leaving you feeling powerless to change your situation. Evidence suggests that domestic abuse impacts on all genders and that people of all genders can abuse their intimate partners.
Admitting that you are a victim of domestic abuse can be difficult. Cultural stigma and upbringing make it especially hard for men who are in an abusive relationship with an intimate partner to seek support.

I am a BACP accredited counsellor with 17 years’ experience of supporting adults, children and young people to overcome a diverse range of difficulties. Some of the issues I have experienced working with are; low self- esteem, anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and intent, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, bereavement and domestic abuse.

I have extensive training and experience of working with issues of domestic abuse. As a former support worker and counsellor at Women’s Aid and working as a therapist with children who had witnessed domestic abuse, I have a firm understanding of how it involves the abuse of power over another person whether they are male or female. I have witnessed how men can be falsely accused of being a perpetrator and the devastating impact it can have on their lives.

I have an integrative approach to my work which means that I draw on a range of modalities of psychotherapy to meet your specific needs. I will support you to understand the cycle of domestic abuse guiding you to accept that you are not to blame. I offer to help you to clarify your thoughts and feelings, to make sense of your experiences and to gently guide you to take positive steps towards change. I will meet you with compassion, warmth and understanding. I respect that you are the authority of your own experience and will be guided by you.

I can advise you of further help and practical support if you require.

I abide by the BACP Ethical Framework and Guidelines for Good Practice. I am committed to ongoing professional development and attend regular workshops and training.

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