Men can also suffer abuse.

MenCASA is aimed at helping those who identify as male and are victims of domestic abuse, domestic violence or false accusation to find gender-inclusive counselling.

If you are looking for help from a therapist please use our Find a Therapist directory.

We welcome interest from qualified counsellors and psychotherapists that may be interested in joining a nationwide network of therapists who will offer counselling to male victims of DA or DV or false accusation and work in a gender-inclusive way.

Info for therapists

What we are developing:

  • A directory of counsellors who will offer a gender-inclusive approach to victims of domestic abuse, domestic violence and false accusation, where the client identifies as male (or a gender other than female).
  • Training/CPD opportunities to counsellors and psychotherapists;
  • Contributions to research;
  • Support for other gender-inclusive organisations.

What we don’t do:

  • Offer advice or assistance to those in (or looking to escape) domestic abuse situations – please access these services from those suggested in our resources and information;
  • Guarantee access to a counsellor in your area or within your budget;
  • Offer any direct services other than those outlined above.