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Welcome to MenCASA

MenCASA is a network of counsellors who operate from a gender-inclusive approach.  We are not a crisis centre or a helpline.  If you are looking for help of a kind other than that which we offer please see our resources and information page to find services that may be able to help you.  If you are in an emergency situation – if you or others are in danger – please call 999.

How to find help

Use our Find a Therapist directory to help find a counsellor in your area.  All of our associate counsellors are committed to work from a gender-inclusive approach.  You will be heard.  You will not be judged.

Most of our associate counsellors are in private practice and require payment for counselling.  If you see a counsellor that you would like to contact please do contact them directly using the details they’ve given on their directory entry.  If there is more than one counsellor in your area it can be useful to make contact and meet with more of them – you can then determine who you feel most comfortable to work with – counselling is often most successful when you’re able to connect well with your therapist.

Your chosen counsellor should always give you a feedback form – if you feel like giving feedback about your counselling experience it helps us to ensure that our associate counsellors are meeting your needs and whether our service has been helpful to you or could be improved.  You can also download a feedback form from here or complete the form online (contact us for the password).

What does “gender-inclusive” counselling mean?

Gender-inclusive services such as MenCASA and our associate counsellors recognise that people of all genders may suffer abuse and that people of all genders may abuse their intimate partners and this is the premise upon which we work.  We focus our work on you as an individual and your experiences irrespective of your gender.  Domestic abuse will be experienced differently by everyone.

Counselling (or psychotherapy) is a way to explore what has been happening for you in a safe space.  You will not be judged and you will be heard.  Counselling can be really helpful in processing the effects, feelings and thoughts that you may experience after the trauma of abuse or false accusation.

Domestic abuse and violence is often seen in the UK with a strong gender bias toward men being abusers and women being victims.  You may have experienced this when trying to access support or when you’ve been looking on the Internet for help and information.  You may feel anxious to talk about what has been happening for fear of being accused yourself, thought of as the abuser, or just not believed.  Mencasa associate counsellors have made a commitment to treating every client as an individual and to work without gender-bias.

Want more information?

Use the menu to the right-hand side of this page to find more information and resources.  If you have any questions please do contact us.