Terms & Conditions for MenCASA associate Counsellors/Psychotherapists

When applying to be an associate counsellor/psychotherapist with MenCASA you will be required digitally sign our associate counsellor agreement.

A truncated view of the agreement is shown below – the full agreement (which requires a digital signature) can be accessed by registering:

A MenCASA “Associate Counsellor” is a qualified counsellor who is registered with a professional body accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, is self-employed and in private practice and who has agreed to abide by the terms within this agreement.

Counselling from a “gender-inclusive approach” means that you recognise that people of all genders may suffer abuse and that people of all genders may abuse their intimate partners. No assumptions or judgements will be made about a client or case based upon a person’s gender.


The Associate Counsellor will:

  • Treat each client as an individual and work with what they bring to therapy;
  • Recognise that domestic abuse will be experienced differently by everyone despite their gender;
  • Recognise that people of all genders may suffer abuse and that people of all genders may abuse their intimate partners;
  • Enquire to determine whether clients have come to them via signposting by MenCASA;
  • Offer any client who has been signposted to them by MenCASA a MenCASA feedback form;
  • Return MenCASA feedback forms to MenCASA either by post or by scanning and uploaded to the MenCASA secure area;
  • Process any data in accordance with the ICO/GDPR;
  • Maintain membership of a professional body accredited by the PSA and Inform MenCASA of any changes to their professional body membership;
  • Keep their directory entry up to date – in particular their contact details (email, phone, etc.);
  • Provide evidence of specialist training if requested;
  • Communicate effectively with MenCASA.

The Associate Counsellor will NOT:

  • Screen clients in any way to assess whether they are a victim or a perpetrator;
  • Coach or question clients into believing they are a perpetrator;
  • Behave in any way that could bring MenCASA or its associates into disrepute;
  • Refer to domestic abuse or domestic violence as a gendered crime.

MenCASA will:

  • Signpost potential clients to its associate counsellors;
  • Communicate effectively with its associate counsellors and other stakeholders;
  • Process any data in accordance with the ICO/GDPR;
  • Develop training opportunities and offer these at reduced rates to MenCASA associate counsellors;
  • Develop and provide resources and administration documentation for use by its associate counsellors;
  • Conduct any research ethically;
  • Seek to promote MenCASA appropriately through a variety of channels to increase awareness of the organisation, its aims, and its associates;
  • Maintain the organisation in an ethical and reputable way;

Changes to this agreement: Any minor changes to the agreement will be disseminated to associated counsellors promptly and will form a continuation of the signed agreement. Major changes to the agreement will require a renewal of the signed agreement.